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Eicher School Parwanoo established in 1993, affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi is a recognized English Medium Sr. Sec, Co-educational School running under the aegis of The Goodearth Foundation it is situated in a picturesque surrounding, Just 1.5km away from Parwanoo (H.P). The salubrious climate, sylvan setting amidst the Shivalik ranges, academic and recreational facilities give this school a special niche for itself in the vicinity.

Eicher School - Campus

Eicher School has a very well-planned and designed building, keeping in view the activity-based curriculum and individual needs of the child. The classrooms are spacious, well-ventilated. The furniture has been designed keeping in view the physical comfort and safety of the children. The smart class program facilitates the learning experience and makes it a joyful environment for the students.

Eicher School has Science, Maths, Language Lab, Social Studies and Atal Tinkering Labs which allow a lot of hands-on activities and experiments making learning much more fun. The labs are equipped with the latest instruments, gadgets, charts and models to take care of the needs of the students. All the labs are well-planned, spacious and well-equipped. The Computer labs are well equipped with 40 computers each keeping the computer-student ratio 1:1. The Maths Lab helps students to get rid of hackneyed ways of learning Maths and makes it a joyful experience. The labs help Eicherites develop a better understanding of concepts prescribed in the curriculum.

It houses around 1000 books and subscribes to 12 magazines and 9 newspapers. Internet facility is also available for the students and teachers.

It enables teachers to use digital resources in addition to the child-centric activity-based method of teaching.

The school’s canteen helps in supplementing the diet. It is the place to promote an enjoyment of healthy eating for students who use the canteen to ensure the best food.

The school has a fleet of well-maintained buses. The school takes extra care to ensure the safety of the children using the school bus service. The buses are well connected to the school through G.P.S. Each bus has a camera so that children behave in a disciplined manner during the journey. We offer a well-organized bus facility that connects students from various locations to our campus, making the school easily accessible for students from different areas.

The school has a well-planned reception where the Public Relationship Officer takes care of the needs of the visitors. Student Information Messaging System is used to bridge the gap between parents and the school. It keeps parents well informed about the activities being conducted in the school. If a student is absent on some particular day, a message is sent to a parent.

The school ERP system provides amazing benefits like online payment, admission process, thorough attendance, effective communications facility, Transportation tracking, the defaulters reports access to parents, homework management etc.

Besides one-day field trips, the school organizes trips to destinations in and outside the country. The activity is taken to offer the students a first-hand experience of the world outside the campus.

The School Cabinet propels on the lines of Democracy, To maintain discipline and develop leadership qualities. The school has a functional Student Council for Junior as well as Senior Segment. It comprises the Head Boy, Head Girl, Sports Captain, Deputy Sports Captain, House Captain, Vice Captain, Cultural Captain, Monitors etc.

The House System comprises Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. All the competitions are Inter House Competitions. Each house is allotted points according to performance. Such a system inculcates in the students the spirit of unity, belongingness and responsibility.

Special Assembly is a wonderful feature of the school system. It helps students to showcase their talents. Classes present a Special Assembly on the important days and special themes like Rakshabandhan, Independence Day, Republic Day, Janamashtmi etc.

The School Morning Assembly aims at inculcating discipline and confidence in the children. It begins with prayer. We follow the thematic Morning Assembly.

  • Monday-Sports Activity
  • Tuesday-Career counseling/Reading Activity
  • Wednesday-Language activity/ Soft skills
  • Thursday- Swawlamban
  • Friday-Interhouse Activity
  • Saturday-Cultural activity

It offers a glimpse of the talent that we have. It is a show off excellence. Hundred per cent participation is its key feature. The show put up is the hard work of students and teachers which shows remarkable excellence and perfection. It is witnessed by eminent personalities and parents.

A graduation ceremony for the chirrups of kindergarten is organized every year when they embark on the journey of formal education in class 1. The little ones clad in gowns and caps offer a feast for all present.

The school celebrates all the major national and religious festivals like Independence Day, Diwali, Christmas in school. The whole campus is decorated in accordance with the festival. A cultural extravaganza is presented by the students. Teachers Day, Children’s Day, Earth Day, Mother’s Day are also celebrated in school.

During the Annual Prize Distribution function, the prizes are given to the talented Eicherites who excel in the field of academics and extracurricular activities. The prizes are given To the class toppers in the field of academics. In the field of extracurricular activities the prizes are given to the Best Orator in English, Best Dancer, Best Singer, Best Actor, Computer Whiz etc.

Our school offers an exciting range of hobby clubs that cater to diverse interests. The dance club showcases rhythmic talent and graceful performances. The music club hones instrumental and vocal skills, creating melodious harmonies. The skating and taekwondo clubs promote agility, discipline, and physical strength. The theatre club brings stories to life with engaging performances. The guitar, art and craft, TED-Ed, and cooking clubs foster creativity, intellectual curiosity, and culinary expertise. These clubs provide students with opportunities for self-expression, skill development, and a well-rounded education.

Eicher School has opened the doors of Opportunity for their children by giving them free hands-on exploring their editorial skills which landed up in the evolution of “Eicher Express”, “Vibgyor” and “The Eicherise” – the self-created newsletter and magazine in both formats Hard copy and Soft copy which itself proves the hard work and dedication of Eicherites.

The purpose of the committee is to review and resolve the grievances of the staff and students at large. The committee ensures that the complaints and grievances are handled according to the regulatory mechanisms. A proper Redressal and reporting mechanism has been instituted in place to look after various issues about the staff members and students in common.