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Bus Facility : Eicher School, Parwanoo

Eicher School Parwanoo is proud to offer a comprehensive bus facility, connecting students from various locations to our campus. This extensive network ensures that students can access quality education without transportation hassles.


Our bus service extends to Dhamala, providing students from this area with a convenient and safe mode of transportation to and from the school.


Students residing in Pinjore can rely on our bus service, making it easy for them to commute to Eicher School Parwanoo.


The bus facility also caters to students from Kalka, ensuring that they have a comfortable and punctual transport option for their daily commute to school.

Parwanoo (All Sectors)

For the convenience of students residing in various sectors of Parwanoo, our bus service covers all areas, guaranteeing accessibility to the school.


Our bus service extends to Jabli, accommodating students from this region and making their journey to school hassle-free.

Eicher School - Bus Facility Features

Eicher School Parwanoo’s comprehensive bus facility is a testament to our commitment to providing a holistic and accessible educational experience. We understand the importance of a safe and convenient commute, and our bus service is tailored to meet these needs, making it easier for students to focus on their studies and personal growth.

Key Features of our Bus Facility


The safety of our students is paramount. Our buses are equipped with all necessary safety features, and drivers are trained to ensure a secure journey.


We understand the importance of punctuality. Our buses adhere to a strict schedule, ensuring that students arrive at school on time.


The buses are designed to provide a comfortable and pleasant travel experience, with ample seating space and ventilation.

Dedicated Staff

Our bus drivers and attendants are trained professionals who prioritize the well-being of students during the journey.


The bus routes are designed to cover a wide area, ensuring that students from various locations have easy access to our school.


The bus facility eliminates the need for parents to worry about transportation logistics, providing a hassle-free solution.